About Us


It’s hard to believe that life was not meant to be so hectic, but with kids, pets, caring for a family member, a job with long hours and that terrible traffic; It sure does get hectic.

Need help getting stuff done?

Errands and Helpers was created to ease that stress and help you conquer your to do list. So that you can spend more time with your family and taking lots of me time.

Errands and Helpers company started in 2014 with the mission of easing the stress of cleaning and running errands after a hard day at work or for people who have retired and wanted to sit back and relax. The founder who also runs a home care agency www.certifiedhomecareofgeorgia.com saw the demand and realize the need when her customers asked for help with cleaning their home, running errands or they needed a ride to the airport. Initially, all cleaning and chores was just an added service. Noticing the enormous need; the desire for cleaning and errands increasing, the founder took the opportunity to establish a new company so that she could better serve her client's and the entire Metro Atlanta and Athens area.

The Better Business Breau accredits Errands and Helpers; we are insured, licensed and bonded for that added trust. Our staff is thoroughly screened, interviewed, trained and carefully hand-picked.
Our selection of employees are base on our interview, and we hire our employees with a professional attitude and good work ethics. We work hard and efficiently to make our customers satisfied.

Unlike the larger franchises, Errands and Helpers does not standardize services. We create services for people, and that is what makes us stand out.

Errands and Helper can clean your house, pick up that medication, drop off your package, babysit your kids, mount that TV on the wall, power wash your home and much more. Oh, and that last-minute flower delivery that you can’t get delivered, we can make that delivery, we can be your chauffeur to an appointment, yes,  we do it all.

You Got Errands, We Got Helpers!

Our Goal

Inventing the future of Help!

Founded with that drive to help families spend more quality time by easing the hectic duties that come along each day. Errands and Helpers never stops helping you until we have freed your time. Based on the needs of our customers who subscribe to our parent company: www.certifiedhomecareofgeorgia.com we realize that along with medical care our clients had errands to do and needed a helper to work around the house. As a result, we are ready and waiting for your call: (678) 922-2948.